Installing SharePoint Server 2013

In this appendix, you learn how to install SharePoint Server 2010 so that you can establish a test environment to complete the book’s Try It Out exercises. Prior to completing this task, you should review the following resources:

When installing SharePoint Server 2013, you have a choice between installing a SharePoint farm within a single server or across multiple servers. One option leverages a full version of SQL Server and is often referred to as a complete installation. You also have the option to install a single server with a built-in database. This is sometimes referred to as a standalone installation. The standalone option does not leverage the full version of SQL Server but instead installs Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 Express Edition.

You will have very little choice in how specific services are configured, and the entire farm will be deployed to a single server. This type of installation does not scale beyond 10GB of data and is recommended only for product ...

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