Chapter 11

Working with Social Features


  • Some concepts regarding personalization and social networking, as well as how they can be beneficial in an organization
  • Examples of SharePoint My Sites functionality
  • The concepts of tagging, note boards, and ratings, as well as the new out-of-the-box Web Parts related to personalization features
  • The capabilities of blogs and wikis
  • Targeting content to audiences, including the kinds of content that can be targeted, as well as how existing groups can be used as audiences

The term Web 2.0 represents a fundamental change in the Internet in the past 10 years or so, in the way we interact with applications, content, and other people. The web is now a platform for promoting a collective intelligence, and so is SharePoint 2013. The new methods of content creation and participation, such as communities, tagging, and ratings, involve everyone in the enterprise in deeper and more meaningful ways.

In this chapter, you learn how to make the most of the social networking tools that exist in SharePoint and how they apply to you. This chapter also provides several walk-through scenarios for you to try out.


Personalization and social networking tools are powerful things to put in the hands of business users. This chapter contains information related to how to work with the new social computing features, but before we get into the technical details, what is the big picture? In the grand scheme ...

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