Appendix C. Initial Data Setup

In Appendix B and Chapter 1, you created the Film Club database, this book's example database. In this appendix, you insert some initial data into the Film Club example database. Before reading this appendix, you should have read and executed the code in Appendix B and Chapter 1 and the first part of Chapter 2, up to and including the section entitled "Inserting Data into the Case Study Database."

This appendix walks you through the data to be inserted table by table. Generally speaking, the SQL is the same for all five database systems supported by this book; instances when the SQL differs are noted in subsections containing the SQL for the database system that requires changed SQL code.

If you want to save yourself a whole lot of typing, don't forget that you can download this code from Under each table is a reference to the correct file. All files are contained in the directory AppendixC. Note that when you do a file open operation—either from a menu or a toolbar—the dialog box to select a file usually displays only files with .sql extensions. Because this book's downloadable files are saved as text files (.txt), you need to make sure to change the dialog box so that it shows all file types. The downloadable files are saved as text files because you might be working with a database system (such as Microsoft Access) that doesn't load .sql files, so you need to use a text editor instead.

Most of the database systems allow you to load in ...

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