Chapter 20. Deploying Web Applications


  • How to configure IIS for ASP.NET Web applications

  • How to copy Visual Studio Web Sites

  • How to publish Web applications

  • How to create Windows Installer packages for Web applications

In the previous two chapters you learned to develop Web applications and Web services with ASP.NET. For all these application types, different deployment options exist. You can copy the Web pages, publish the website, or create an installation program. This chapter covers the advantages and disadvantages of the different options, and how to accomplish these tasks.


Internet Information Services (IIS) needn't be installed for developing Web applications with Visual Studio 2010 because Visual Studio 2010 has its own Web server: the Visual Web Development Server. This is a simple Web server that runs only on the local machine. On the production system, IIS is needed to run the Web application.

IIS is not available with Windows 7 Home Edition. On other editions, you can install IIS in the same way that you install other Windows components. In the Control Panel, click Programs. Here you can find a category Programs and Features with a link "Turn Windows features on or off." Click this link. One of the features of Windows is Internet Information Services, which needs to be selected in order to install it. You can also ask your system administrator to install IIS on your system.

The ASP.NET runtime needs to be configured ...

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