C# is a relatively new language that was unveiled to the world when Microsoft released the first version of its .NET Framework. Since then its popularity has rocketed, and it has arguably become the language of choice for both Windows and Web developers who use .NET. Part of the appeal of C# comes from its clear syntax, which derives from C/C++, but simplifies some things that have previously discouraged some programmers. Despite this simplification, C# has retained the power of C++, and there is now no reason not to move into C#. The language is not difficult, and is an excellent one to learn elementary programming techniques with. This ease of learning, combined with the capabilities of the .NET Framework, make C# an excellent way to start your programming career.

The latest release of C#, part of .NET 2.0, builds on the existing successes and adds even more attractive features. Some of these, again, have their roots in C++—at least superficially—but some are entirely new. The latest release of Visual Studio also brings many tweaks and improvements to make your life easier and dramatically increase your productivity.

This book is intended to teach you about all aspects of C# programming, from the language itself, through Windows and Web programming, to making use of data sources, and finally to some advanced techniques such as graphics programming. You'll also learn about the capabilities of Visual Studio 2005 and all the ways that it can aid your application development. ...

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