Chapter 5

Preparing to Develop a LightSwitch Application


  • Grasping the functionality of the ProjectTrek sample application
  • Understanding the most important elements of the LightSwitch application development life cycle
  • Using the LightSwitch integrated development environment (IDE) to establish your workspace

In this part of the book, you will learn the most important aspects of using Visual Studio LightSwitch. To understand the functionality of the LightSwitch IDE and its development approach, you will create a new sample application from scratch.

This chapter describes the sample application and prepares you for implementing it. Subsequent chapters lead you through the development process, from the first steps to the deployment of the sample, while teaching you the fundamental LightSwitch techniques.


A fictitious company named ConsulArt employs about 30 software technology consultants and business advisors who work for several dozen customers. ConsulArt has many small consulting projects, ranging from one week to three months. These projects sometimes involve only a single consultant, but occasionally a team of three to five experts. For a long time, ConsulArt used to plan and track projects, and schedule and assign employees, using Excel worksheets. However, using Excel worksheets has several issues ConsulArt would like to avoid:

  • An Excel worksheet can be used only by one user at a time.
  • Creating company-wide reports ...

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