Chapter 14

Using SharePoint 2010 Lists


  • Creating SharePoint 2010 custom lists
  • Using LightSwitch to attach to built-in and custom SharePoint lists
  • Understanding how SharePoint lists are mapped to LightSwitch tables
  • Creating and using relationships between SharePoint lists and LightSwitch tables

The information assets of an enterprise include all information related to the business — not only traditional databases, but also any other kind of information that has a value from the business perspective. In addition to data coming from applications and back-end systems, information workers use documents and data stored in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. Many enterprises have deployed Microsoft SharePoint, and use it as an ECM to store a large amount of unstructured information as a valuable part of their IT assets.

Visual Studio LightSwitch was designed to support not only developers, but also business analysts and other information workers in their everyday activities. LightSwitch can manage both new and existing SQL Server databases seamlessly.

It also enables you to utilize the information stored in SharePoint 2010. In this chapter, you learn how to access SharePoint 2010 lists and use them in your application — with the same ease that you experience while building SQL Server-based solutions.


NOTE Visual Studio LightSwitch supports ...

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