So you've finished your application and it's time to release it to the unsuspecting world? Whether you're charging for the application or want it to be free to download, you follow the same process. When you're logged into App Hub with a verified account, you have access to the Submit for Windows Phone button, which takes you to the Submit New App wizard.

image COMMON MISTAKES At the time of publication, the Submit New App wizard (a Silverlight 4 application) exhibits a few bugs unless you use Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. If you use a diff erent browser and notice any inconsistencies or error messages, try switching to Internet Explorer.

Uploading the XAP File

The first step of the wizard is the Upload page, where you can upload your application package. This is a file with a .xap (pronounced “zap”) extension, which is generated when your Silverlight or XNA project is built. It's a good idea to build this file in release mode. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Visual Studio solution for your application.
  2. Look for the drop-down menu in the toolbar that says Debug. Change this to Release.
  3. Rebuild your solution. The XAP file should now be in the bin\Release folder.

In addition to uploading your XAP file, you also need to enter the following information for your app to be published on the Marketplace:

  • Your application's name

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