3Gearing Up for Behavioral MarketingThe Roles, People, and Systems Needed to Win

Now that you've got a solid idea of where you are, let's look forward to the ideal pieces you need in place to complete the transformation. You'll probably tire of hearing me say that this is a gradual process, but it's a critical point. Very few marketers can make wholesale changes to their practices overnight. Most of us have to continue executing while driving improvement into our processes incrementally. The only scenario I've seen that calls for complete, instantaneous transformation is one in which a new executive is hired into a close-to-death company and radical change is the only way to keep the lights on—and I hope you're not in that spot!

Roles, Job Titles, and Getting Things Done

One of the great things about my role at Silverpop is my opportunity to see the inner workings of at least 100 top-tier marketing groups a year. Some are deeply stacked teams with all resources on a single floor, working together seamlessly; others are small hit teams of two or three killer marketers who are forced to work with creative and IT in a shared-services capacity and hire solid vendors. Since both scenarios can be equally successful, be careful what you wish for in terms of the future state of your group.

Before we dive all the way in, let's look at a perfect example of a small, brilliant team that out-executes many of the bigger teams I see. I work closely with a leading software company that has ...

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