16Riding the WaveCareer Success Powered by Behavioral Marketing

By now, we've covered the ins and outs of preparing to tackle behavioral marketing, looked at its impact across marketing organizations of all sizes, and have even drilled deeply into how to staff it. We're going to finish with potentially the most individual reason to reorient your marketing effort around behavioral marketing: it'll get you paid.

In a world in which entry-level marketing jobs are not easy to land—and finding the right director-level gig is even harder—the best practitioners out there are constantly seeking ways to get the smallest edge. Some are fanatical about professional training, some get an advanced degree or certificate, and some simply define a specialty and seek to be the best in that area.

A Dude Named Rand

To me, this calls to mind the story of Rand Fishkin from Seattle-based search marketing company Moz. Rand began as a 20-something CEO in the search space and has become one of the leading experts in that area even though he turned over day-to-day leadership of the company to a colleague in 2014. His Whiteboard Friday series is the type of educational, value-added brilliant self-promotion that keeps his personal brand top-of-mind and moving forward.

What makes Rand different from any other entry-level marketer, and how did he manage his rise to prominence? Although I don't know him personally, I've been a professional fan of his for years, so I'll give you the abridged “from the outside” ...

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