There is a customer revolution underway.

Buyers today have more information, more access, and more choice than anytime in history. The battleground for customer loyalty has shifted from features, prices, and transactions toward the new landscape of long-term relationships and customer experience. Best-in-class companies like Apple and Lexus have rewritten the rules of customer relationships by leveraging every touch point and every interaction to create a convenient, fun, and even meaningful experience. They have embraced the customer revolution, and they are raising the bar for the rest of us.

Marketing has always been the bridge that connects businesses and customers. However, marketing needs to reinvent itself in this new world of customer experience, moving beyond its roots in the audience/content/publish cycle. The new generation of marketers needs to embrace every customer interaction, digital or offline, no matter how diverse or seemingly short lived. We need to engage with each customer when and where that customer prefers with content that is perfectly tuned and individualized to him or her.

We can expect that, in return, customers will not only make purchases; they will offer their attention, their time, and their loyalty. To make this transition, we marketers must move beyond the day-to-day mechanics of campaign execution and curating content. We have to embrace our origins as storytellers and pull ourselves forward to become the architects of customer experience. ...

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