Friday Afternoon

Sam arrived at Conference Room A at 2:55. When he entered the room, Patty was already there, with her head in a book.

Patty looked up. “Oh, hi. I was taking advantage of a few quiet minutes to review my problem set for tomorrow’s class.”

“Oh, your class for your degree?” Sam asked, as he started covering the wall with flip-chart paper.

“Yep, it’s a challenge to do all my class work and my work work,” Patty sighed, as she closed her book and gathered up her notes.

Jason strolled in, folders in hand. “I’m ready for this. I’ve got the lists of everything that’s going on in my group.”

Kevin shuffled in after Jason. He griped, “My group is overloaded. I’ve been helping out, but there’s still too much to do.” He plunked ...

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