Monday Afternoon

Ginger plunked herself down across the desk from Sam. “Alright, I’m ready for our weekly therapy session.”

Sam smiled. “What’s going on, Ginger?”

Ginger started rattling off the work in her group. “Those idiots in Marketing. Do you know what they want to do now?” Ginger rolled her eyes.

“Hold on a second, Ginger,” Sam interrupted. “Do you think they are literally idiots?”

“They irritate me. They don’t understand the impact of what they are asking us to do.”

“Have you ever told them?” asked Sam.

“They should know.”

“People don’t know unless you tell them. Let me give you a little feedback right now, so you can understand what I’m seeing.”

Ginger looked startled. “What do you mean?” she asked, leaning back in her ...

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