5.8Raising the Roof: How to Build a Flat

Carpentry isn’t typically something I discuss here, but this is a skill that has come in handy on a number of occasions. Back in my theater days, I learned a number of great skills that I still carry with me today—and some of that is basic carpentry, specifically how to build a “TV” flat. These are the basic walls used in sets on nearly every TV and movie set ever built. They’re lightweight, simple to construct, easily locked together with other flats and fairly easily transported or stored (I’ve currently got three in my garage).

To build a flat you’ll need:

One 4′ × 8′ sheet of ¼″ luan

Three 8′ long 1″ × 3″ lumber

One 4′ long 1″ × 3″ lumber

One box of 1¼″ drywall screws

One drill with Phillips screwdriver ...

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