Being Proactive: Taking Charge of your Personal and Professional Success

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90+ Minutes of Video Instruction

Being proactive helps you cultivate stronger self-awareness, actively build adaptability skills, and take initiative to successfully achieve your goals.


Being proactive is about moving yourself forward positively and progressing in both the small and large goals you want to achieve in your personal and professional life. It means you respond effectively to what is happening around you, choosing to focus on what you can control rather than on what you cannot.

When you’re truly proactive, you are in the driver’s seat of your life—both personally and professionally. You own every single decision you make and have stronger control over how you respond to change and setbacks. You are confident in taking the initiative, asking for and receiving feedback, building your strengths, and setting achievable goals.

In this course, Emma Sue Prince, author of 7 Skills for the Future and an expert in building the skill of being proactive, coaches you through simple and time-tested techniques for improving and perfecting your ability to prioritize, set the right goals and boost your energy levels.

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About the Instructor

Emma Sue Prince, BA, PGCE, MBA, is author of 7 Skills for the Future, published by Pearson Business and translated into 10 languages. A specialist in experiential learning, Emma Sue advocates the power of developing and nurturing the skills she writes about to transform lives.

These skills are adaptability, critical thinking, empathy, integrity, optimism, being proactive, and resilience.

Emma Sue delivers powerful workshops across a range of industries from law firms to hospitals to universities and software engineering companies as well as to ‘closed’ groups globally.

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Learn How To

  • Take initiative and responsibility for your goals
  • Make hard decisions about your priorities
  • Remain resilient through setbacks and change
  • Cultivate an adaptable mindset
  • Take ownership for tasks and responsibilities
  • Know how to ask for and receive feedback
  • Identify strengths and transferable skills

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Table of contents

  1. Course Introduction
    1. Welcome
  2. Take Responsibility for Your Goals
    1. Understanding the importance of self-motivation
    2. Exploring your locus of control
    3. How to shift your energy
    4. Owning your decisions
    5. Learning from the past and preparing for the future
  3. Define Your Goals
    1. Using self-reflection to clarify your goals
    2. Defining your goals
    3. Targeting your goals
  4. Make Difficult Decisions about Your Priorities
    1. Committing to intentional goal setting
    2. Categorizing your goals
    3. Reviewing short-term vs long-term goals
    4. Taking care of your energy levels
    5. Saying no and letting go
  5. Use the SPIRIT Model to Set Goals
    1. Specific - making sure your goals are clearly defined
    2. Prizes - building in a reward system
    3. Individual to you - taking ownership
    4. Review - reflection and tweaking goals
    5. Inspiring - making a visual representation of your goal
    6. Timebound - creating a realistic time frame
  6. Remain Resilient Through Setbacks and Change
    1. Boosting your wellbeing and energy
    2. Developing a support network
    3. Healthy emotional processing
    4. Understanding how being proactive builds resilience skills
    5. Maintaining a positive mindset
    6. Knowing when to change your approach
    7. Learning from failure
    8. Developing tolerance to discomfort
    9. Utilizing the power of reflection
  7. Cultivate an Adaptable Mindset
    1. Lets talk about change
    2. Letting go of your ego
    3. Knowing your comfort zone and stretch zone
    4. Getting into your stretch zone
    5. Remembering times in the past when you adapted
    6. Understanding the keys to adaptability
  8. Take Ownership and Implement Accountability
    1. Staying committed and motivated to continuous improvement
    2. Following through and being accountable
    3. Staying organized
    4. Taking the initiative and utilizing feedback
    5. Learning from mistakes and owning your successes
    6. Utlizing the feedback loop
  9. Employ Professional Development Tools
    1. Using SWOT analysis
    2. Identifying your strengths
    3. Identifying your weaknesses
    4. Identifying opportunities and threats
    5. Identifying your transferable skills
    6. Creating an action plan
  10. Build Communication Skills
    1. Making the space for a better response
    2. Creating a strong start to your day
    3. Conducting better meetings
    4. Improving your listening skills
    5. Checking your tone
    6. Building stronger relationships
  11. Credits
    1. Image Credits

Product information

  • Title: Being Proactive: Taking Charge of your Personal and Professional Success
  • Author(s): Emma-Sue Prince
  • Release date: July 2024
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0135342597