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Best App for Watching Music Videos

Best App for Watching Music Videos

Free Version: 1.3 | MySpace

MySpace is in a pickle. The former social networking star is now fading in the Age of Facebook and Twitter. What to do? Return to its music-loving roots, which is great news for iPad owners who love music videos. This app delivers a playful twist on recommendations: tell it your musical tastes and your current mood and it serves up music vids tailored for you. The service isn’t perfect (clearly lacking high-quality video servers) or for everyone (the site’s efforts to target the under-35 set shows in the song choices). But there’s enough here to remind us all what life was like back when you could flip on MTV and watch videos any time you wanted.

PICK A SONG: Tap the settings icon and pick from a dozen genres (alternative to world) and as many moods (studying, partying, exercising). Some silly combos crop up—“Play me some Christian Music” and “I’m feeling naughty”—but the app’s game to try. For the record: all-girl band Point of Grade sings the country spiritual “I Wish,” which does, to be fair, have the line: “my jeans fit a little bit looser.”

GIVE AND TAKE: Other downsides: you can’t fast forward or rewind, and you have to sit through an ad every 10 songs or so. (Memo to bean counters: get more advertisers!) But you can tag songs as favorites (tap the heart icon) and ...

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