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Best App for Keeping Time

Best App for Keeping Time

Free lite version | $1.99 Version: 1.5.2 | SpoonJuice

Like the calculator app, a built-in clock is another freebie Apple withheld from the iPad (both come on the iPhone). Travelers especially will want to plug this gap in order to bypass that 6th circle of hell ritual: hotel room clock radio fiddling. Developers have flooded the App Store with options, including displays in binary code, time floating in a sea of bubbles, and, of course, equations that you first have to solve in order to figure out what time it is. Please. Nightstand HD gives you the goods: a world display for tracking multiple cities, a stop watch; no-frills weather reports, and, yep, a simple-to-set alarm clock. Stunning graphics make these clocks a pleasure to watch.

VERSION VARIATION:Budget travelers will probably want to go for the perfectly fine Lite version, which offers the world clock lineup (six displays appear) and an LED readout for the main clock. Customize the latter’s color or adjust it or any other clock’s brightness with an easy to remember, middle-of-the-night gesture: the double tap. Premium-only benefits include waking to iTunes music, those tiny weather reports, and the stopwatch.

ALARMING NEWS: If you haven’t yet installed the multi-tasking version of the iPad OS (version 4.2 and later) then be sure to put your ’Pad to sleep after setting the ...

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