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Best App for Translation Help

Best App for Translation Help

$9.99 Version: 1.4 | Jourist Verlags

Learning the local lingo is a noble goal, but let’s be realistic: who’s got the time? Here’s a chance to venture into parts less known with at least a little language. Covering two dozen tongues, from Arabic to Turkish, this talking phrasebook can boost your immersion efforts…not to mention help out in case of emergency. Navigation options include a decent search tool and browsable categories thoughtfully chunked up into real-world requests. On the top level, things kick off with “Basics” (subcategories include: “First need phrases”). Other big groupings cover topics like dining, shopping, repairs, laundry, health, and the drugstore. Bon voyage.

Travel Interpreter

HELPING HAND: Big, easy-to-read type is perfect for quickly scrolling through each list of phrases. Then you can either show or have the app speak your selection. The illustrations are playful but accurately drawn, making for handy pointing aids (show the waiter you want chicken wings rather than breast meat).

OTHER TONGUES: If you find you’re in a multilingual region—the border between Little Italy and Chinatown, say—it’s easy to quickly get the same phrase translated two ways. Just tap the upper-left corner’s globe icon and pick from the menu. ...

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