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Best App for Jaw-Dropping Photo Tours

Best App for Jaw-Dropping Photo Tours

Free Version: 2.0.1 | Fotonauts

The French have an expression for window shopping (leche-vitrine) that, literally translated, means “window licking.” For those with wanderlust, this is one screen-licker of an app. Spend more than 10 minutes, as you almost inevitably will, browsing through this gorgeous collection of worldwide travel photos and you’ll not only go wide-eyed at its pix, but you’ll probably soon start travel planning. The app’s user interface is as attention-grabbing as its photographic eye candy. You’re never more than an intuitive swipe or tap away from browsing through or discovering new destinations. You won’t find a big Help section in this app, and the reason’s simple: because you don’t need one.

BAD APPLE FREE: The app’s powered by a clever act of curation: it takes only those photos in the Wikipedia-like Fotopedia database that match up with UNESCO World Heritage sites. The most notable distinction between Fotopedia, which describes itself as a “photo enyclopedia,” and its forefather is high quality: a community-powered voting process does a great job of weeding out the duds.

DEEP DIVES: The titlebar’s caption lets you know how many other photos are in this particular site’s collection. Tap the filmstrip icon at right for a handy browsing tool for what to gawk at next. The usual left- and ...

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