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Best App for Tracking Baby’s Stats

Best App for Tracking Baby’s Stats

$4.99 Version: 1.8.6 | Seacloud Software

In addition to diapers, you know what else babies fill alarmingly quick? Notepads. That’s right: when, for example, was the last time you gave her the medicine? And what dosage did Doc prescribe? Other track-worthy topics: milestones (crawling, walking), sleep schedule, vaccinations, growth rate. Put away your notepad: this parent-friendly app tracks it all. Plenty of input options—aside from the iPad app, there are iPhone and web-based versions—mean you can record events wherever and whenever. And sharing features (email, downloadable spreadsheets) give you a chance to post something other than cute photos for the data wonks in your family.

Baby Connect for iPad

DATA ON BOARD: At heart, this app is a custom-rigged database: pick the event or milestone you want to capture, enter its particulars (start time, duration, date) in the pop-up menu that appears, and view a running log. (Tap the Filter button if you’d like to filter the log to show different time periods or categories.)

WEB LINK: A free online account is worth setting up. Everything that’s on your iPad gets synced automatically with the site. Input a vaccine record online, say, and a minute or so later you’ll see it on your iPad. Co-parents ...

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