2. On the Town


Photo: Luis Munoz-Najar/luismuna.com

Best Apps on the Town


Put on your glad rags for a night on the town, and make your iPhone the primary accessory. Loaded with the right apps, the iPhone and iPod Touch are savvy sources of info—connoisseurs of fine food and masters of ceremonies for upcoming local events. Even better, your iPhone’s built-in GPS makes it the perfect scout for finding the closest good time or nearby friends.

This chapter tours the best apps for going out. For an evening of wining and dining, your iPhone can recommend the best nearby restaurants—and even make a reservation automatically without so much as a whisper to the maître d’. Why stop at restaurants? When you’re wondering what’s nearby, a bevy of apps are at the ready to give you the lowdown on any local shop or service, with reviews and ratings from other customers. That goes for the silver screen, too; you’ll discover the best apps for grabbing movie tickets and show times in a flash, including a sneak preview of reviews and trailers. If you have a more high-brow outing in mind, other apps are great for soaking up culture, from finding art exhibitions to live music.

Put it all together, and your iPhone is suddenly the perfect sidekick for any excursion—informed and ready for fun. (It might ...

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