7. For Your Health


Photo: Thomas Hawk / thomashawk.com

Best Apps for Your Health


Flick, swipe, tap! Flick, swipe, tap! And repeat! Your vigorous touchscreen routine provides a workout for more than just your fingers when you turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a personal trainer and fitness guru. This chapter shows you how to whip you and your iPhone into shape with a lean-and-mean collection of apps for health and fitness.

Start off with a brisk warmup of general fitness apps to build a training program, follow a diet, track weight loss, or share your personal fitness feats with others. Then zero in on your favorite exercise with the best apps for specific sports—runners and cyclists can track routes and mileage; golfers can find courses and manage scorecards; you can even turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a virtual treadmill.

Finally, while all this exercise is well and good, there’s often nothing better for your physical and mental health than a breath of fresh air. This chapter finishes with an exploration of the great outdoors, from trail-finding apps for hikers to bird-watching guides for fans of our fine-feathered friends. So strap on your hiking boots or lace up your cross-trainers, and prepare to break a sweat as you stride through the next few pages.

General Fitness

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