Chapter 2. Best Apps On the Town

Best Apps On the Town

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Best Apps On the Town

If there’s one thing the mobile Internet has done, it’s foster spontaneity. No longer do you have to sit at home and browse the local newspaper for movie showtimes or museums you want to visit. With the right apps and a network connection—Wi-Fi or 3G—you can make your leisure-time plans while you’re on the go.

Need to figure out the best vino to go with Cuban chicken or find the closest spot for dinner next to the concert hall? To wine and dine, you’ll find plenty of apps in the store to help you, even when you’re out and about.

In an unfamiliar part of town—or an unfamiliar town itself—but still want to find cool music and hot clubs? Many apps take advantage of the iPhone’s GPS chip so they can quickly show you what’s happening nearby. If going out on the town for you means just catching a movie, plenty of apps are dedicated to the silver screen; you can even rent a movie for your iPhone while you wait to get into the theater for another film. And dedicated culture connoisseurs can go beyond art-house films to find galleries, museums, book readings, and more with the right apps.

So, plans or no plans for the evening, make sure your iPhone’s along for the ride. Odds are you won’t get bored.

Wine and Dine

Best App for Previewing ...

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