Chapter 5. Best Apps At Home

Best Apps At Home
Best Apps At Home

Business tool, entertainment machine, eReader, social secretary—you might think that your iPhone serves best outside the home, but that’s not the case. As this chapter reveals, with the right apps, your iPhone or iPod Touch edges you toward domestic bliss, too.

In many households, the kitchen is a focal point, from the start of the day through dinner, when the family gathers around the communal table. Read on for apps that get you cooking in style and that help you make healthy choices when you do. If you’re attending to shopping and errands, apps can help make finding the product you’re looking for easier and more efficient.

Recent economic conditions may have you concerned about finances, and apps that help you manage your money can show you where every penny goes.

Although it can’t save you some dough by serving as a full-fledged babysitter, the iPhone has apps that work well to distract the kids, whether you’re trapped in line at a store or at home whipping up a 20-minute meal.

And if you’re the type who spends a lot of time in your personal castle and want to make it even nicer, apps that focus on home work—assignments to improve your domicile—can help get you there.


Best App for Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes

Free Version 1.0.1 | SparkPeople Inc. ...

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