Chapter 6. Best Apps On the Road

Best Apps On the Road

Photo: Daniel Silveira

Best Apps On the Road

Travel can be an adventure—in more ways than one. Whether you’re heading out on a big family vacation or going solo on a tour of your company’s international sales offices, most trips begin long before you hop in a car or board a plane.

If you’re looking for a way to keep everything under control, from planning your excursion to remembering it fondly, break out your iPhone or iPod Touch. With the right apps, that shiny little slab becomes your trusty companion throughout your journey.

Once you decide to travel, your iPhone can steer you to the planes, trains, and automobiles that’ll get you where you’re going. You’ll find apps that help you book flights, hotels, and rental cars; pack your bags; and track your itinerary, no matter how complex.

When you get where you’re going, you can use your iPhone to see the sights and share your adventures (and trip details) with the folks back home. Whether you’re hitting the highway in the U.S. of A. or roaming around internationally, there’s an iPhone app to keep you on track.

And speaking of globe-trotting, the iPhone can preview upcoming locales for multi-city trips as you explore the world, and it makes a handy pocket translator for dozens of languages, so you can leave your phrase book at home. ...

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