Chapter 7. Best Apps For Your Health

Best Apps For Your Health

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Best Apps For Your Health

Your iPhone or iPod Touch is more than a communications device or pocket jukebox. Inside that smooth exterior is a tiny computer, one that can store a huge number of personal records, calculate how many sit-ups you need to do to burn off last night’s Ben & Jerry’s binge, and help you exercise regularly. This chapter shows you how to find apps that let you do all that and find your way out of the cold, dark woods.

With rising costs and complications, healthcare has become a major concern for many people. If you have medical matters on your mind, you can store your healthcare records electronically and find accurate medical information with several apps. If you see diet, exercise, and eating right as the path to fitness, check out apps that track your well-being.

If you’re already an active type who’d rather hike across Australia or bike up the side of a mountain, there’s a pocketful of programs designed for the sporting life and enjoying the great outdoors, from quietly planning a backyard garden and listening to the birds to extreme camping. So check the weather, grab your gear, and turn the page for apps that help you reach for the stars.

Medical Matters

Best App for Healthcare Records

My Medical

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