Chapter 7Redefine Rich

Here is something to think about: How come you never see a headline like “Psychic Wins Lottery”?

—Jay Leno

Rich is a state of mind that should be nurtured before the money comes.

—Lonnie Rush

I was flying to San Francisco for meetings when he sat down next to me. He exuded success and money. He couldn't have been a day over 30 and was dressed impeccably well—not in a tailored suit, but in a more casual style that said, “I don't have to wear a suit.” He wore his new Apple Watch and was busy flipping through his messages on his phone when he leaned over and said to me, “I hate it when I can't get a hold of my virtual assistant.”

“Local or international?” I jokingly asked, thinking I was funny.

“Both,” he responded.

I knew I was supposed to be impressed so I introduced myself to Lincoln.

Lincoln was an Ivy League graduate who had done well in Silicon Valley when the start-up he worked for went public and he became an overnight multimillionaire. He was still working for the same company nearly a year and a half later but was thinking of starting the whole process over at a different start-up.

“Tell me the best part of your success story,” I encouraged.

He described the months before the company went public, with all the work and excitement surrounding what this would mean financially to everyone at the organization.

“So now that you have got it made, what's the plan?”

By the look on his face, you would have thought I just sucker punched him. For a split second, ...

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