Best of Make: Volume 2

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After ten years, Make: has become one of most celebrated magazines to hit the newsstands, and certainly one of the hottest reads. If you're just catching on to the Maker Movement and wonder what you've missed, this book contains the best projects and articles from the magazine. Find out what keeps Makers coming back to Make: with this assortment of DIY projects and articles selected by Make:'s editors. Learn to:

  • Outfit your workshop and make some must-have tools
  • Build electronic projects from actuators to antennae
  • Make things with Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • Create drones and robots
  • Build noisemaking projects and musical instruments
  • Augment your photo and video capabilities
  • Make your own food, soap, ink, and more

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Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. We’re All Makers by Keith Hammond
  5. The Maker’s Bill of Rights by Mister Jalopy
  6. Right to Repair by Kyle Wiens
  7. Part 1: Workshops and Tools
    1. The Ultimate Tool Buying Guide by the Editors of Make:
    2. Building the Barrage Garage by William Gurstelle
    3. Choose Your Tools by William Gurstelle
    4. Stock Your Shop by William Gurstelle
    5. The Safe Workshop by William Gurstelle
    6. Lost Screw Finder by Frank Ford
    7. Mini Fume Extractor by Marc de Vinck
    8. Understanding Basic Woodworking Tools by Len Cullum
    9. Japanese Toolbox by Len Cullum
    10. Wilderness Workshop by Charles Platt
  8. Part 2: Electronics
    1. Your Electronics Workbench by Charles Platt
    2. Servomotors by Tod E. Kurt
    3. Listening to Satellites by Diana Eng
    4. The Eclectic Electret Microphone by Charles Platt
    5. The Bobbinator by Andrew Lewis
    6. Keybanging by William Gurstelle
    7. Surface Mount Soldering by Scott Driscoll
    8. Desktop Digital Geiger Counter by John Iovine
  9. Part 3: Microcontrollers and Microcomputers
    1. Million Color HSL Flashlight by Dan Rasmussen
    2. Hack Electronic Pushbuttons by Peter Edwards
    3. X10 Arduino Macro Module by Jim Newell
    4. Advanced Arduino Sound Synthesis by Jon Thompson
    5. Raspberry Pirate Radio by Sam Freeman and Wynter Woods
    6. How to Bake an Onion Pi by Limor Fried and Phil Torrone
  10. Part 4: 3D Printing and CNC Fabrication
    1. CNC Maker Bench by Anna Kaziunas France
    2. The Skinny on End Mills by Tyler Worman
    3. Cyberpunk Spikes by Becky Stern and Phillip Burgess
    4. 3D-Printed Pinhole Camera by Todd Schlemmer
    5. CNC Air Raid Siren by Dan Spangler
  11. Part 5: Robots and Drones
    1. Beetlebot by Jérôme Demers
    2. My Robot, Makey by Kris Magri
    3. How to Build CoffeeBots by Judy Aime’ Castro
    4. Anatomy of a Drone by the Editors of Make:
    5. Finding Your Way with GPS by Mikal Hart
    6. Build Your First Tricopter by Lucas Weakley
    7. The Handycopter UAV by Chad Kapper
  12. Part 6: Music and Audio
    1. Traditional Cigar Box Guitar by Mark Frauenfelder
    2. Squelette, the Bare-Bones Amplifier by Ross Hershberger
    3. Laser Harp by Stephen Hobley
    4. Solar Xylophone by Rory Nugent
    5. MonoBox Powered Speaker by Ross Hershberger
    6. Electronic Drum Kit by Tom Zimmerman
  13. Part 7: Photography and Video
    1. Spin the Birdie by Larry Cotton
    2. Helium Balloon Imaging “Satellite” by Jim Newell
    3. Looking at the Low End by Richard Kadrey
    4. Go Green! by Bill Barminski
    5. Brownie Pan LED Light Panel by Tyler Winegarner
    6. Glass Bead Projection Screen by Sean Michael Ragan
    7. Homebrew Digital 3D Movies by Eric Kurland
  14. Part 8: Fun and Games
    1. Retro R/C Racer by Frank E. Yost
    2. The Most Useless Machine by Brett Coulthard
    3. The Atlatl by Daryl Hrdlicka
    4. G-meter and Altimeter by David Simpson
    5. Living Room Baja Buggies by John Mouton
    6. Boom Stick by Edwin Wise
    7. Wooden Mini Yacht by Thomas Martin
  15. Part 9: Crafts and Wearables
    1. Sous Vide Immersion Cooker by Scott Heimendinger
    2. Making Bar Soap by Alastair Bland
    3. Three-Day Kimchi by Wendy Jehanara Tremayne
    4. Luminous Lowtops by Clayton Ritcher
    5. Flora NeoGeo Watch by Becky Stern and Tyler Cooper
    6. The Chameleon Bag by Kathryn McElroy
    7. Pipe Dreams by Larry Cotton and Phil Bowie
    8. Stain PVC Any Color by Sean Michael Ragan
    9. DIY Conductive Ink by Jordan Bunker

Product information

  • Title: Best of Make: Volume 2
  • Author(s): The Editors of Make:
  • Release date: August 2015
  • Publisher(s): Make: Community
  • ISBN: 9781680450286