Chapter 6. Perform Formal Test: Levels 2 and 3 IPO Diagrams

6.1. Overview

In Chapter 2, we reviewed the five Level 1 IPO diagrams for the formal testing process:

1. Extract Test Information From Program Plans, process 1.1

2. Create Test Plan, process 1.2

3. Create Test Design, Test Cases, Test Software, And Test Procedures, process 1.3

4. Perform Formal Test, process 1.4

5. Update Test Documentation, process 1.5

In this chapter, I expand the detail of the Level 1 IPO diagram presented in Chapter 2 for process 1.4, Perform Formal Test, and review the process model for that portion of the formal testing life cycle where the rubber meets the road. The Level 2 IPO diagram shows the five subprocesses included within the Perform Formal Test process: ...

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