192 Best Practices for Graphic Designers: Grids and Page Layouts
Amy Graver began her career as a
photojournalist for the Boston Globe.
Then, in 1999, after working as a
professional graphic designer for several
more years at two very different studios,
Amy decided to open her own agency and
created Elements (www.elementsdesign.
com), bringing together her passion
and skills in writing, photography, and
design. In one short year she gained
recognition and awards both nationally
and internationally, moved to a larger
studio, and added staff. Today, Amy
heads the firm as its creative director
and president, speaks at numerous
conferences and events, writes regularly
for her company’s popular marketing
blog, and often contributes articles to
magazines, newspapers, and online
publications on graphic design, websites,
and social media.
Along the way, Amy served as the
Connecticut Art Director’s Club (CADC)
president and sat on its board for eight
years. In 2008, she and a design
colleague started a Connecticut chapter
of the American Institute of Graphic
Artists (AIGA), serving as the chapter’s
vice president for two years. She lives and
works from her hometown of Branford,
Connecticut, with her husband and their
two young children.
Ben Jura works alongside Amy at
Elements as the studio’s senior graphic
designer, project coordinator, and
partner in the company. Ben graduated
from The School of Visual Arts with a
BFA in graphic design. He went on to
develop his diverse set of skills working
in the fields of advertising, branding,
and design in New York and Connecticut
for a prominent list of corporations.
Ben has an obsession with great
typography and enjoys incorporating
his hand-lettering and illustration
skills into many of his designs. His
other many interests include rare books,
skateboarding, hiking, playing classical
piano, and vintage motorsport.
Ben and his beautiful fiancé Kelly (who
is also a graphic designer) live in an old
Connecticut house that they are lovingly
restoringone weekend at a time.
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Best practices for graphic designers, grids and page layouts : an essential guide for understanding and applying page
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in this competitive industry. With fun and practical application, it offers valuable insight into strategy and business
when working in the real world with real clients, starting with basic information on layout principles before delving
more deeply into theory and application on a project-by-project basis. Illustrated with real-world assignments and case
studies, this guide offers a behind-the-scenes take on the entire process and steps necessary to go from concept to final
outcome, including how to overcome challenges presented along the way”-- Provided by publisher.
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