Stills from an international brand
refreshing of MTV over sixty-four of
its networks. Applying a large-ranging
thematic scope allows a cornucopia of
colors to run wild. In certain stills, yellow
text boxes are used to indicate upcoming
content on the channel.
Color is the first thing you see in a design. Its the first
thing that hits you emotionally, before you start look-
ing at the form, or the typography, or the language,
or the movement. In our designs, we often use color
to establish the mood of a piece. I went to art school
just before the first Apple computer came out, and
I studied botanical, technical, and architectural illust-
ration. I did a lot of hand rendering and hands-on
perspective, and was always gravitating toward using
as many colors in the palette as possible.
Color in
Matt Py ke
fig. 001

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