Better Together

Book description

Better Together provides powerful and implementable solutions to fostering gender equality in your business. As a result, your business will be more successful, your customers will be happier with better products/services, and your employees will be much more fulfilled. Women are one half of our species and over half of the earth’s population. There is no product or service women don’t buy. And yet, today only twenty-four women CEOs lead America’s Fortune 500 companies.

If you survey the landscape of founders who’ve created the most successful companies of recent years, you will mostly find white males. Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Cheskey, Kalanick, Evan Spiegel—captains of Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, Snapchat—revolutionary founders who have created massively valuable companies impacting billions. Does this mean that women don’t have great ideas, that women don’t build and lead great companies? The goal of Better Together is to provide managers, employees, CEOs, and board members a guide to build a sustainable robust female workforce at all levels.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Foreword
  4. With Grace Kahng
  5. About the Author
  6. Introduction
    1. Sister, Where Art Thou?
    2. What Do I Know about Women?
    3. It's Personal
    4. I Know We Can Do Better
  7. 1 Men Must Change
    1. Welcome to Man Island
    2. The Sad Truth of the Here and Now
    3. And It's Complicated
    4. The Bigger Picture
    5. One Small Step for Womankind
    6. Night of the Living Bros
    7. Women Don't Get Funded
    8. Getting Harassed Is Part of the Hustle
    9. Men Must Be Part of the Solution
    10. Be a Change Master
  8. 2 Solution 1: Not Enough Women? Look Harder
    1. Look Harder Part A: Top of the Funnel
    2. What's in a Name? Anonymize Resumes
    3. Look Harder Part B: Minding the Gap
    4. Part C: Stacking the Loop and Mining for Diamonds
    5. Part D: Set Explicit Diversity Goals, Then Mirror Your Interview Loop to Match
    6. Part E: Pay Big Bonuses for Employee Referrals of Candidates from Underrepresented Backgrounds
    7. Part F: Mining for Diamonds and “Custom Grooming”
  9. 3 Solution 2: In It to Win It: Supporting Women's Development
    1. Reverse Mentoring
    2. Increasing Female Visibility
  10. 4 Solution 3: Listen Louder
    1. Dragon Slayers and Deliberators
    2. Star Shooters and Stratosphere Blasters
    3. Identical Pitches Yield Biased Results
    4. How Men Can Change the Way They Listen
  11. 5 Solution 4: Creating a Family‐Forward Culture
    1. One: No Meetings before 9:00 a.m
    2. Two: Men Should Take Just as Much Parental Leave as Women
    3. Three: Shut Down Email at Night
    4. Four: Create Family‐Friendly Spaces, Not Bro‐Friendly Spaces
  12. 6 Solution 5: Just Say No: High Performance Should Not Trump Bad Behavior
    1. Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place
    2. How Long Has This Been Happening?
    3. Reid Hoffman
    4. The Cost of Ignoring the Problem
    5. D&I: Hire a Diversity and Inclusion Director
    6. Words Can Change the World: Say “No” to Bad Behavior Regardless of Performance Level
    7. But Wait, There's More
  13. 7 Solution 6: Adopt the ERA at Your Company—Because Your Country Didn't
    1. Revenge of the Housewife
    2. Revive the Equal Rights Amendment: Ratify Now
    3. All Is Not Lost
  14. 8 Solution 7: Stand Together or Fall Apart
    1. Touching the Third Rail
    2. Great Expectations: Case Study
    3. It's Really Not Personal
    4. Come Together: Right Now!
    5. Our Unique Strengths as Women
  15. 9 Solution 8: The Future: Raising Better Men
    1. Show That Mom Is Incredible and Strong
    2. Communicate Differently at Home
    3. Break Out of the Man Box and Call Out Bro Behavior
    4. Show Him That Things That Are Traditionally “Feminine” Are Not “Less Than,” or Off‐Limits
    5. Show Him New Heroes, Stories That Include Women and Girls
  16. 10 Final Thoughts
  17. A Note from Niniane Wang
  18. Acknowledgments
  19. The Better Together Pledge
  20. Index
  21. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Better Together
  • Author(s): Jonathan Sposato
  • Release date: December 2017
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119452188