6 Solution 5: Just Say No: High Performance Should Not Trump Bad Behavior

Photo of Casey Affleck walking away after winning the Oscar along with Brie Larson.

Brie Larson after handing Casey Affleck the Oscar for Best Actor. Earlier, she had withheld clapping. Casey Affleck was accused of sexual harassment while on the set of I'm Still Here and settled out of court. Many, including Brie Larson, felt the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences turned a blind eye to this high performer when he was nominated later for Manchester by the Sea.

Source: Getty Images, Christopher Polk via Michelle Press.

Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place

Megan Ferguson knew she was destined to succeed in the tech industry someday. Oddly enough, growing up on a farm in rural eastern Oregon prepared her well for life in the big city. Coming from a large Catholic family of four kids, she was adept at giving flak to her brothers, all of whom were physically imposing boys who teased constantly and enjoyed making jokes about bodily functions. The kids routinely wrestled for the last scraps of dessert, muscled each other for prime space in front of the TV, and bested each other in footraces and pickup basketball games. Megan also spent a lot of time with her many aunts, who were loud and aggressive and proudly expressed their working‐class values over beers and smokes at the local tavern. She grew up helping her dad burn the fields, chop down trees, and stack cords of firewood. ...

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