Beyond Advertising

Book description

The fundamental relationships among brands, media, and people are being transformed, and just as we try to adapt, along comes a new disruption. Are you and your organization prepared to deal with today’s unprecedented speed and scope of technological change?

Beyond Advertising provides a business transformation road map for an aspirational future, based on the insights of more than 200 of the world’s most forward-thinking executives, innovators, and academics all grappling with today’s unique challenges and opportunities.

This book offers a concrete set of principles, including The All Touchpoint Value Creation Model, designed to lift us out of reactive thinking and encourage the co-creation of a future better for business, better for people, and better for society. Actionable steps include:

  • Holistically orchestrate and allocate resources across all touchpoints
  • Redefine expectations of success to align for multi-win outcomes
  • Provide every stakeholder at all touchpointsa R.A.V.E.S. standard of content: relevant and respectful, actionable, valuable, exceptional experiences, and a shareworthy story
  • Develop all touchpoints to maximize the M.A.D.E.s value of context: the complete person, the features of the delivery platform, the dynamic environment, and synergies with other touchpoints

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Why Beyond Advertising is a Must-Read for CEOs, C-level Executives and Change Agents
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. Preface: Who Should Read This Book?
    1. Insights for the Entire Organization
    2. Inspiration and Insights for All
  7. Part I: The Motivation for Change
    1. Chapter 1: The Five Forces Driving the Need for Change
      1. This Chapter Is about Inspiring You to Go Beyond Advertising. Why?
      2. Key Takeaways
    2. Chapter 2: Challenging Entrenched Mindsets about “Advertising”
      1. The Power and Potential of Mental Models
      2. Take a Moment: Your Current Mental Model of Advertising
      3. The Foundations of Mental Models “Beyond Advertising”
      4. Corporate Leadership
      5. Agency Innovators
      6. The Next Generation
      7. Toward a New Vocabulary: A New Talk and a New Walk
      8. Key Takeaways
  8. Part II: Toward a New Model Beyond Advertising
    1. Chapter 3: Aligning for Win-Win-Win Impact
      1. Brand Steward Network
      2. Know Thyself: A Clear and Consistent Purpose in the World
      3. To Thine Own Self Be True: Authenticity and Authority
      4. Do Unto Others: Trust-Building
      5. In Concert with Fellow Brand Stewards
      6. People, Not Consumers
      7. Their Lives
      8. Their Aspirations
      9. Their Communities
      10. Culture, Society, and the World
      11. For Short- and Long-Term Impact
      12. Bringing Analytic, Creative, Design and Operational Brilliance together to Bring a Compelling, Unifying Brand Purpose to Life
      13. Infrastructure to Enable Brands to Listen, Process, Deliver, Learn, and Repeat
      14. Key Takeaways
    2. Chapter 4: Orchestrating Value Creation across All Touchpoints
      1. More and More Ways to Connect
      2. Empirical Evidence of the Influence of All Touchpoints
      3. A Seamless Experience
      4. Key Takeaways
    3. Chapter 5: New Guidelines for Desired Content: R.A.V.E.S.
      1. Why R.A.V.E.S.?
      2. Relevant and Respectful: We're Not “Targets,” We're People!
      3. How to Be Relevant
      4. R-E-S-P-E-C-T
      5. Crossing the Line
      6. Actionable: Sounds Good, Now What?
      7. Valuable: Give People What They Need, Want … or Something Even Better
      8. Exceptional Experience: Make It Memorable
      9. Shareworthy Story: Tell Me Something Worth My Time and Energy
      10. Storytelling, Storydoing and Storyscaping
      11. Key Takeaways
    4. Chapter 6: The Expanded Power of Context: M.A.D.E.s
      1. Multisensory Aesthetic
      2. Audience and Individual's Frame of Mind
      3. Delivery Mechanism, Interface, and Platform
      4. Environment and Location
      5. Synergy
      6. Key Takeaways
  9. Part III: What to Do Now to Get Ready for—and Co-create—the Future
    1. Chapter 7: Embrace Adaptive Experimentation
      1. How Experimentation Leads to Answers and Innovations
      2. Seven Benefits of Adaptive Experimentation
      3. How to Implement Adaptive Experimentation
      4. Developing and Implementing the Experimental Design
      5. Adaptive Experimentation in All Touchpoint Value Creation
      6. The Ethics of Experimentation
      7. Key Takeaways
    2. Chapter 8: Leverage Organizational Architecture
      1. Challenges to Change
      2. Where to Start?
      3. Nine Levers for Organizational Change
      4. Lever 1: Culture and Values
      5. Lever 2: Governance and Business Models
      6. Lever 3: Structure and Processes
      7. Lever 4: Value Creation Processes
      8. Lever 5: People, Mindsets, and Competencies
      9. The Successful Network Orchestrator
      10. A View to the Future
      11. Lever 6: Physical and Virtual Facilities
      12. Lever 7: Resources and Resource Allocation
      13. Lever 8: Technology Infrastructure
      14. The Architecture of Personalization
      15. Lever 9: Metrics/Dashboard Performance Measures, Incentives
      16. Key Takeaways
    3. Chapter 9: Transcend Silos and Barriers
      1. The Deadly Dozen Silos
      2. Transcending Silos and Boundaries
      3. Aligned Objectives
      4. Open Innovation
      5. Network Activation
      6. Approaches to Network Activation
      7. Network Orchestration
      8. Element 1: Select a Metaphor
      9. Element 2: Include Current and Potential Customers in the Orchestra
      10. Element 3: Create Boundary-less Sections in the Orchestra
      11. Element 4: Include Emerging Markets and Trends in the Orchestra
      12. Element 5: Orchestrate on Solid Principles
      13. Element 6: Harness Technology to Enable and Empower the Orchestra and Orchestration
      14. Key Takeaways
    4. Chapter 10: A Global Movement toward a More Desirable Future
  10. Appendix 1: The Backstory The Wharton Future of Advertising Program and the Advertising 2020 Project
    1. The Advertising 2020 Project
    2. Gather Great and Willing Minds from around the Globe
    3. Make Sure to Include Traditional (Often Vested) and Nontraditional (Often Barrier-Breaking) Perspectives
    4. Reach beyond Blaming, beyond Prediction to Aspiration and Inspiration
    5. What to Do Now
    6. Share and Distill Insights to Empower Business Leaders and Inspire the Next Generation
  11. Appendix 2: Advertising 2020 Contributors
    1. Appendix 2: Advertising 2020 Contributors: Countries
    2. Appendix 2: Advertising 2020 Contributors: Organizations (Former and Current)
  12. Appendix 3: WFoA Global Advisory Board
  13. Appendix 4: Planning and Conducting an Experiment
  14. References
    1. Index
  15. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Beyond Advertising
  • Author(s): Yoram Wind, Catharine Findiesen Hays
  • Release date: February 2016
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119074229