Be warned. I am not a medical doctor, nurse, dietician, or nutrition scientist. I’ve eaten my share of cupcakes and red meat. I’ve been on fad diets and dropped ten pounds only to gain them right back again. In other words, I have no real authority when it comes to any food choices, much less healthy ones. So, if you choose to follow a diet plan like the one laid out in this chapter, you do it at your own risk. And if this warning isn’t enough and you still want to try it, do yourself a favor and talk to a medical professional first.

Over forty million Americans go on a diet every year. That’s over forty million people looking for a way to lose weight and get healthy. And even though we all know the formula for a lean, toned body—to eat right and exercise—many of us are looking for a magic solution. Something easy to follow. Something that will keep us from binging on donuts. Something that will work fast.

In wishing for a quick and easy diet solution, I’m as guilty as anyone. I have a shelf stuffed full of diet books I’ve collected over the years. Every one of these books is written by an expert, somebody with a college degree who claims to have helped thousands of patients. Every one of these books claims to have the answer to long life, sexy abs, and good health. And every one of them cites numerous scientific publications to back up their claims. There’s only one problem. None of the ...

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