Chapter 4. What About the Page’s Design?

Site design plays a key role in any Web page. How your page looks—its organization, layout, blocking—everything impacts the viewer in a certain way. This chapter includes some tips on how to better your site’s presentation and make users come back for more. Tips and tricks included in this chapter are as follows:

  • Dynamic Fonts

  • No Borders!

  • Post by Screen Size

  • Internal Browser Test

  • No Selection Rectangle in IE

  • Resize Your Browser Window

  • Printable Pages

  • Rounded Corners in Tables

  • Full Screen Effect

  • Pop-Under Windows

  • New Window: No TITLE Bar

Dynamic Fonts

I get questions on the discussion groups and my email asking how to change fonts on pages. Until recently, the only way was to use the FONT FACE= format and set it that ...

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