The Five Frames in Action

How Do You Make a Great Organization Even Better?

We've now shared with you what we see as the essential ingredients for building and sustaining an organization that will thrive in both the short and the long term. The key is to put equal emphasis on, and apply equal rigor to, both the performance and the health aspects of your organization. To do that, you follow a proven five-stage process, the 5As (aspire, assess, architect, act, and advance). Within each stage, you apply the relevant frame from the five frames of performance (namely strategic objectives, capability platform, portfolio of initiatives, delivery model, and continuous improvement infrastructure) and health (namely health essentials, discovery process, influence model, change engine, and centered leadership).

But what does this look like in practice? You've already seen part of the answer in the case studies of Coca-Cola, Grupo Nacional Provincial, Bombardier Aerospace, P&G, Telefónica, and ANZ that introduce Chapter 1 and the five chapters in Part II. Each case concentrates on the aspect of transformation covered in that chapter. Throughout the book, we've also drawn on many other examples from leaders and organizations across the world to bring the points we make to life. What you haven't yet seen, though, is a complete account of a transformation from beginning to end—one that illustrates how all the parts come together in a full-blown transformation program.

That's what this chapter ...

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