Beyond Training Ain't Performance Fieldbook

Book description

Beyond Training Ain't Performance Fieldbook provides a clear and concise roadmap for anyone wishing to implement human performance principles in their organization. It is a direct answer to fans of the 2004 book, Training Ain't Performance, who asked for implementation guidance in the same whimsical, informative, and entertaining format as the original book. You will find useful worksheets and assessments, tools and practical advice that will speed your organization toward realizing the value of a performance approach. To make your job even easier, the book includes a CD-ROM with all the needed worksheets and tools to get you started today.

Note: CD-ROM is not available.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Preface
  6. Chapter 1: Introduction: Why Beyond Training Ain't Performance
    1. It Ain't Always Easy
    2. Institutionalizing What Training Ain't Performance Recommends
    3. Setting a Mission and Making a Promise
  7. Chapter 2: How the Beyond Training Ain't Performance Fieldbook Works
    1. Assessing Yourself and your Training Organization
    2. Focusing on you and your Workplace Learning and Performance Organization: The Importance of Critical Mass
    3. Putting Beyond Training Ain't Performance to Work
    4. Chapter Summary
  8. Chapter 3: Working Within the Performance System
    1. What is a System?
    2. What is a Human Performance System?
    3. Revisiting the Organizational Human Performance System
    4. An Organizational Human Performance System Checklist
    5. The Language Spoken in Human Performance Improvement Country
    6. Chapter Summary
  9. Chapter 4: What's My Greatest Performance Block?
    1. Sensitizing your WLP Team, Management, and Clients to the World of Human Performance Improvement
    2. Beyond Gilbert's Model
    3. The Bottom Line in Investigating Performance Blocks
    4. Chapter Summary
  10. Chapter 5: Engineering Effective Performance and Conducting Front-End Analyses
    1. The Engineering Effective Performance Model
    2. Chapter Summary
  11. Chapter 6: Developing Learning Interventions—Systems and Models
    1. Interventions and Means to Eliminate Barriers
    2. Learning Interventions
    3. Some Effective Learning Systems Models
    4. Summarizing Learning Systems
    5. Chapter Summary
  12. Chapter 7: Nonlearning Interventions: Job Aids
    1. What Are Job Aids?
    2. Chapter Summary
  13. Chapter 8: Nonlearning Interventions: Environmental
    1. The Environment and its Impact on Human Performance at Work
    2. Putting it All Together
    3. Three Major Environmental Interventions
    4. Chapter Summary
  14. Chapter 9: Nonlearning Interventions: Emotional
    1. Incentives, Motivation, and Workplace Performance
    2. The Performance Improvement by Incentives Model
    3. An Incentive System in Action
    4. Motivational Interventions
    5. Putting Emotional Interventions Together
    6. Chapter Summary
  15. Chapter 10: From Training Order-Taker to Performance Consultant
    1. What does it Mean to Be a “Consultant” in WLP?
    2. The Value Add of Performance Consulting
    3. Revisiting the Competency Areas and Critical Characteristics for Performance Consulting
    4. Am I Doing it Right?
    5. Handling Inquiries
    6. Conducting the Initial Interview
    7. Mastering the Proposal Process
    8. Preparing Project Reports
    9. Making Presentations
    10. Chapter Summary
  16. Chapter 11: Managing the Client-Performance Consultant Relationship
    1. Managing your Client Relationships
    2. Managing your Client and Getting your Client to Manage you
    3. From Philosophy to Practicality
    4. Consulting Models
    5. How to Acquire and Maintain that Collaborative Relationship
    6. Some Final Thoughts on Client-Consultant Relationships
    7. Chapter Summary
  17. Chapter 12: Evaluating Results
    1. Rationale for Evaluating Project Impact
    2. ROI—to Be or Not to Be
    3. The Highly Intangibles—What to Do
    4. Chapter Summary
  18. Chapter 13: Hit or Myth: Facing the Facts
    1. The Amazing Power of Myth
    2. Chapter Summary
  19. Chapter 14: Beyond Training Ain't Performance: Ongoing Growth and Development
    1. Building a Support System for your Environment
    2. Facilitating and Inhibiting Factors in Moving from Training to Performance
    3. Form a Training Ain't Performance Study Group
    4. Plan your Professional Development and Growth
    5. Chapter Summary
  20. Chapter 15: External Support Systems
    1. Join a Local or Industry-Based Performance Improvement Association
    2. Join a National or International Performance Improvement Society
    3. Attend Workshops and Conference Events
    4. Get Certified
    5. Create Relationships with Colleges and Universities
    6. Read
    7. Build a Network
    8. Stay in Touch
  21. Appendix A: A Lexicon of Human Performance Improvement Terms
  22. Appendix B: Structured On-the-Job Training In Developing Nations
  23. Additional Resources
  24. About the Authors

Product information

  • Title: Beyond Training Ain't Performance Fieldbook
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2006
  • Publisher(s): Association for Talent Development
  • ISBN: 9781562864071