Chapter 2. Flavors of Video: From Skateboarding Cats to Pro

In this chapter, you will learn:

  • That there is a large continuum between professional video and user-generated content.

  • That a third hidden layer offers marketers a cost-efficient and powerful opportunity to get messages woven into the video.

  • How marketers can cost-efficiently market via popular content, going beyond banner ads without complex partnerships with major studios and networks.

There is a quality continuum of online videos, yet this is often misunderstood because we instinctively polarize them into professional (network) content and user-generated content (UGC). There are, in fact, many flavors of content in between.

As viewers, advertisers, and even video creators, we have bifurcated video into two extremes. From Oprah to "sneezing panda bear." From Lost to "the giggling infant." And from The Office to "monkey smelling its finger."

The Three Flavors of Online-Video Content

Flavor 1: Professional Content (vanilla and chocolate: the only "safe" place to advertise). Advertisers, when they're not convincing marketers to create their own content, are often urging them to buy advertisements around so-called safes professional content. We don't see as many ads swarming around such classic user-generated content (UGC) as cats riding skateboards or dogs using toilets. We are seeing an influx of ad dollars into the online-video medium, and it is trending upward while most of the marketing mix is declining. Given the rapid increase ...

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