Note: Page numbers followed by f indicate figures and t indicate tables.


Active contour models (ACM) 30
Activity-Awareness for Human-Engaged Wellness Applications (ATHENA) 50
Adafruit cloud 180–181, 187–189, 187–188f
Advanced multimodal image-guided operating (AMIGO) 47–48
Allotted records mining algorithms 21
Alpha frequency 87
Alzheimer’s disease (AD) 
gene interaction of 
genes, encoding proteins, and targeted drugs for 255, 255t
string database 253, 254f
molecular docking analysis 257–262
Analysis of variance 114t, 116t, 122t, 124t, 130t, 133t, 135, 136f, 141t, 143t
Anesthesia big data 49
Anesthesia Quality Institute 49
Anonymization techniques 208–210
Ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithm 6
Apache Hadoop 28–29, 240
Apache Mahout  ...

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