Chapter 6

Examining the Cloud and Big Data

In This Chapter

arrow Defining the cloud

arrow Examining cloud deployment and delivery models

arrow Understanding why the cloud is an imperative for big data

arrow Looking at how the cloud can be used with big data deployments

The power of the cloud is that users can access needed computing and storage resources with little or no IT support or the need to purchase more hardware or software. One of the key characteristics of the cloud is elastic scalability: Users can add or subtract resources in almost real time based on changing requirements. The cloud plays an important role within the big data world. Dramatic changes happen when these infrastructure components are combined with the advances in data management. Horizontally expandable and optimized infrastructure supports the practical implementation of big data.

In this chapter, we review the fundamentals of the cloud in the context of what it means for big data. Then we discuss how and why the cloud is often so ideal for various use cases for big data.

Defining the Cloud in the Context of Big Data

Cloud computing ...

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