Chapter 9

Exploring the World of Hadoop

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering Hadoop and why it’s so important

arrow Exploring the Hadoop Distributed File System

arrow Digging into Hadoop MapReduce

arrow Putting Hadoop to work

When you need to process big data sources, traditional approaches fall short. The volume, velocity, and variety of big data will bring most technologies to their knees, so new technologies had to be created to address this new challenge. MapReduce is one of those new technologies, but it is just an algorithm, a recipe for how to make sense of all the data. To get the most from MapReduce, you need more than just an algorithm. You need a collection of products and technologies designed to handle the challenges presented by big data.

Explaining Hadoop

Search engine innovators like Yahoo! and Google needed to find a way to make sense of the massive amounts of data that their engines were collecting. These companies needed to both understand what information they were gathering and how they could monetize that data to support their business model. Hadoop was developed because it represented ...

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