Chapter 11

Appliances and Big Data Warehouses

In This Chapter

arrow Defining the big data warehouse

arrow Creating a new model to support changing requirements

arrow The data warehouse big data hybrid system

arrow Evaluating deployment models for big data warehousing

The concept of the data warehouse originated almost 30 years ago. The data warehouse was intended to solve a big problem for customers that had many operational systems that were siloed. Increasingly, management wanted to replace inefficient decision-support systems with a more streamlined model. Companies wanted to be able to have a single architectural model that would make it much easier to make business decisions. This approach, whether in the form of a full data warehouse or a more limited data mart, has been the norm. However, with the advent of big data, the data warehouse concept is now changing so that it can be applied to new use cases. The traditional data warehouse will continue to survive and thrive because it is very useful in analyzing historical operational data for decision making. However, new types of data warehouses will ...

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