Chapter 13

Understanding Text Analytics and Big Data

In This Chapter

arrow Exploring the different types of unstructured data

arrow Defining text analytics

arrow Unstructured analytics use cases

arrow Putting unstructured data together with structured data

arrow Text analytics tools for big data

Most data is unstructured. Unstructured data includes information stored internally, such as documents, e-mails, and customer correspondence, as well as external information sources that are important to your organization, such as tweets, blogs, YouTube videos, and satellite imagery. The amount and variety of this data are growing rapidly. Increasingly, companies want to take advantage of this wealth of data to understand the implications for their business today and in the future.

While image and audio analysis are still in the early adopter stage, text analytics is evolving into a mainstream technology. Here’s an example of how one company was able to leverage its text data to support business decision making. A large ...

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