Chapter 17

Operationalizing Big Data

In This Chapter

arrow Making big data a part of your business/operating processes

arrow Understanding big data workflows

arrow Ensuring the validity, veracity, and volatility of big data

The benefits of big data to business are significant. But the real question is how do you make big data part of your overall business process so that you can operationalize big data? What if you can combine the traditional decision making process with big data analysis? How do you make big data available to decision makers so that they get the benefit from the myriad data sources that transform business processes? To make big data a part of the overall data management process requires that you put together a plan. In this chapter, we talk about what it takes to combine the results of big data analysis with your existing operational data. The combination can be a powerful approach to transforming your business.

Making Big Data a Part of Your Operational Process

The best way to start making big data a part of your business process is to begin by planning an integration strategy. The data — whether it is a traditional data source or big data — needs to be integrated as a seamless ...

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