Chapter 12Metamorphosis Exercise

Reaching the Business Metamorphosis phase of the Big Data Business Model Maturity Index is a significant accomplishment for most organizations. Even just contemplating what this end point might look like can be quite beneficial in the development of an organization's big data initiative. Beginning with an end in mind, to quote Stephen Covey, not only can help the organization's leaders to envision the potential of big data from a business transformation perspective but pragmatically can help the organization to identify where and how to start their big data journey.

In working with organizations to measure how effectively they leverage data and analytics within their key business processes using the Big Data Business Model Maturity Index (see Figure 12.1), I created an exercise to help organizations to envision what the business metamorphosis might look like. While it's not possible to start your big data journey at this phase, the exercise has helped my clients identify, prioritize, and develop their big data use cases.

Big Data Business Model Maturity Index depicted as a northeast arrow with icons of business monitoring, business insights, business optimization, data monetization, and business metamorphosis (left-right).

Figure 12.1 Big Data Business Model Maturity Index

Business Metamorphosis Review

As a refresher, the Business Metamorphosis phase is where organizations seek to leverage data, analytics, and the resulting analytic insights to transform the organization's business models. This includes areas such as business processes, organizational ...

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