2Open Data: A New Challenge

The world of data is becoming more competitive every day, as reflected in terms of volume, variety and value. This is why we now speak about Big Data. Data is a key asset for value creation, as well as an element that favors and promotes innovation, growth and development. With the digital revolution, data has taken on a central role in the economy. However, attaining the full potential of data depends on the way in which it is presented. It must be used and reused in different ways without diminishing its value.

This means making data available in the right form and at the right time to any party seeking to exploit it and add value to it. Open Data adds a new dimension to the analysis of data warehouse, and gives way to new forms of innovation. Sharing and opening up data means making essential data available online so that it can enhance many decision-makers’ analysis; it also means making it possible for people to save time, or for them to make more informed decisions in all sorts of sectors. It therefore means creating large sets of reference data shared by all actors and that encourage the development of several high added value services.

2.1. Why Open Data?

Open Data is private or public digital data. It is produced by collective bodies or (possibly outsourced) public services. It is disseminated in a manner structured according to a given method and with an open license that guarantees free access to it, as well as the possibility for anyone ...

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