3Data Development Mechanisms

Since the advent of IT and the internet, the amount of data stored in digital form has been growing rapidly. An increasing number of data silos are created across the world. Individuals are putting more and more publicly available data on the web. Many companies collect information on their clients and their respective behaviour. As such, many industrial and commercial processes are being controlled by computers. The results of medical tests are also being retained for analysis.

The increase in data produced by companies, individuals, scientists and public officials, coupled with the development of IT tools, offers new analytical perspectives. Thus, currently, not only is the quantity of digitally stored data much larger, but the type of data is also very varied. The data analyzed is no longer necessarily structured in the same way as in previous analysis, but can now be in the form of text, images, multimedia content, digital traces, connected objects, etc.

Faced with this volume and diversification, it is essential to develop techniques to make the best use of all of these stocks in order to extract the maximum amount of information. There are several techniques, such as “data mining”, which are not new but respond to the principles of descriptive and predictive methods. This is an integral part of data analysis, especially when it is substantial. Companies are increasingly aware of the potential benefits of Big Data in terms of developing new ...

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