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Raul Estrada and Isaac Ruiz, Big Data SMACK, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2175-4_6

6. The Engine: Apache Spark

Raul Estrada and Isaac Ruiz1

(1)Mexico City, Mexico

If our stack were a vehicle, now we have reached the engine. As an engine, we will disarm it, analyze it, master it, improve it, and run it to the limit.

In this chapter, we walk hand in hand with you. First, we look at the Spark download and installation, and then we test it in Standalone mode. Next, we discuss the theory around Apache Spark to understand the fundamental concepts. Then, we go over selected topics, such as running in high availability (cluster). Finally, we discuss Spark Streaming as the entrance to the data science pipeline.

This chapter is written ...

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