Chapter 8

Big Data User Experience Ramifications

In Chapter 5, we talked about the ramifications of big data on the internal business stakeholder's user interface. We discussed how integrating predictive analytics into your key business processes, coupled with new unstructured data sources and real-time (low-latency) data feeds, facilitated the transformation of the user interface to lead with relevant insights and actionable recommendations. Instead of delivering a traditional business intelligence user interface with a multitude of charts and graphics and the promise of “slicing and dicing,” instead we can leverage big data capabilities to tease out and deliver only those insights (and corresponding recommendations) that are of interest to the business stakeholders and material to the business.

This chapter will now focus on leveraging those same insights to transform our customers' or consumers' user experience; to look external to our organization to determine how to leverage big data to deliver a more compelling and more sticky user experience.

As previously discussed in the data monetization stage of the Big Data Business Model Maturity Index, the customer and product insights that can be mined from big data can have a dramatic impact on your customers' user experience. The opportunity to leverage insights about each customer's behavioral tendencies, coupled with insights about “similar” customers' behavioral tendencies, can be a source of valuable, relevant, and actionable ...

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